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Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Services in Flint Township, Michigan

A spotless carpet in a cozy room Revitalize your living and working spaces with our premium carpet & upholstery cleaning services in Flint Township, Michigan.

Our dedicated team employs advanced techniques and high-quality cleaning solutions to restore the freshness and vibrancy of your carpets and upholstery. We are proud to provide excellent cleaning services for removing stains, getting rid of smells, and freshening up your home. Enhance the cleanliness and comfort of your living environment with our professional approach to carpet and upholstery care. Contact Atlas Cleaning Service today!

Offering Professional Residential Carpet Cleaning Services Since 1977

For almost half a century, Atlas Cleaning Service, Inc. has offered in-depth carpet cleaning to homes and businesses throughout Genesee County. Our over four decades of success are due to maintaining a focus on client needs and providing a solution that fixes the problem at an affordable rate. A few of our services include:

  • Standard Carpet Services - Our fundamental carpet cleaning process at Standard Carpet Services exceeds expectations, offering more than just the basics. We deliver a comprehensive deep cleaning that effectively eliminates dirt and all contaminants from your carpet, ensuring a thorough and revitalized result for our valued clients.
  • Odor Elimination - If your property has unfortunately fallen victim to mildew or if your family pet leaves lingering odors, worry not. We specialize in thoroughly eliminating those persistent and bothersome smells at the source.
  • Stain Removal - We precisely target those eye-catching stains, ensuring they disappear entirely. No need to come home or walk into work each day and be greeted by that persistent red stain. Our advanced cleaning methods effectively eliminate stains, restoring your carpet to a like-new condition.
  • Scotchgard™ Treatment - Our Scotchgard™ Treatment provides comprehensive protection for your entire floor, extending down to the carpet fibers. This proactive measure ensures that you won't have to worry about staining your freshly cleaned carpet, allowing you to maintain its pristine condition for an extended period.

With years of experience, we possess a profound understanding of how the unique environment and architecture in Southeast Michigan can impact carpets. This insight allows us to consider these specific characteristics when delivering efficient and tailored cleaning services to all our clients. Your carpets receive the specialized care they deserve, taking into account the regional nuances for optimal results.

What Is Scotchgard?

While we appreciate your continued business when it comes to complete carpet cleaning, we'd rather help you prevent the need for a carpet cleaning service by protecting your carpet and upholstery. That's where our Scotchgard treatment comes in.


Our application of Scotchgard is designed to enhance our comprehensive cleaning services. During our initial visit to your home, we clean every inch of your upholstery, eliminating all traces of pollen, soil, dust, and other contaminants and allergens. Following this thorough cleaning, we apply a protective treatment, Scotchgard, to prevent the material from becoming contaminated again.


Additionally, we offer protection for new furniture, ensuring it remains problem-free from the start. Our Scotchgard™ treatments are a valuable addition to our services, delivering both cleanliness and lasting protection for your upholstery.

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Transform your home or business with the expertise of Flint's top residential and commercial carpet cleaner. Our dedicated team delivers exceptional carpet cleaning services tailored to the unique needs of both residential and commercial spaces. From homes to offices, we specialize in removing stains, refreshing fibers, and ensuring a clean and inviting atmosphere.

Atlas Cleaning Services strives to be professional carpet cleaners that help protect Flint, Michigan-based properties. Contact our team today and get ready for your customers or guests to be in awe of your clean carpet.

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