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A carpet is more than a cozy place to put your feet; it’s the foundation for all interior life. The better you take care of it, the healthier, more comfortable and more convenient your home will be. Effective carpet care, however, requires more than the occasional vacuuming that most homeowners provide. To preserve your rug for the long haul, you must clean it thoroughly, removing dirt and debris from the deepest of its fibers.

Atlas Cleaning Service, Inc. of Flint, MI provides just such a thorough cleaning, banishing stains, allergens and foul odors from your carpet.

Comprehensive Cleaning from an Experienced Carpet Expert

Since 1977, Atlas Cleaning Service, Inc. has offered in-depth carpet cleaning to homeowners in Flint, Fenton, Clio, Flushing and other locations throughout Genesee County. Our long history of service prepares us for every manner of residential or commercial cleaning jobs, including:

  • Standard Carpet Services - We scrub your carpet from the surface to the center, removing dirt, dust, hair, pollen and all other sources of contamination.
  • Odor Elimination - We know how to remove pet odors, the stench of mold or mildew and all other foul smells, allowing you to breathe free.
  • Stain Removal - Who says a discolored spot has to ruin the whole rug? Atlas Cleaning Service, Inc. has the equipment and training to remove even the starkest stains, rendering your carpet as beautiful as it was when you first bought it.
  • Scotchgard™ Treatment - Not only does Atlas Cleaning Service, Inc. remove stains and dust from your carpet, but by applying Scotchgard™, we protect it from any future sources of contamination.

As a local carpet cleaning service, we understand the specific environmental and architectural factors that affect fabrics in Southeast Michigan homes. By taking these characteristics into account, we provide fast, effective cleaning for all of our customers.

Tips For Keeping Your Carpets Fresh

If there’s one thing in your home that shows wear and tear, it’s your carpet. From furry friends to muddy shoes, the carpet in your home can go from looking fresh to looking dirty. The look and feel of a carpet will set the tone of your living space. Read more in our blog post!

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The Benefits of Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning your carpet is more than a cosmetic procedure. The better you can keep it free from stains and debris, the easier it will be to:

  • Stay Healthy - Dirty carpets harbor dust particles, pollen and other particulates that undermine air quality, trigger allergies and harm respiratory health. While you can remove some of these particles with a vacuum, only comprehensive cleaning eliminates them entirely. With Atlas Cleaning Service, Inc. at your side, you can breathe easier.
  • Preserve the Rug - The longer dirt remains in your carpet, the more damage it will do to the fibers, especially if you walk over dirty areas and grind it in. Carpet cleaning stops this damage early, keeping the material in good condition.
  • Deal with Durable Dirt - Certain types of soil stick solidly to carpet fibers, and can only be removed if they are first emulsified. Vacuuming will not get them out, but a round of deep cleaning will.

Flint, Michigan's Top-Rated Commercial Cleaning Company

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  • Experience - Proudly providing top-rated commercial cleaning services to Genesee County for over 40 years.
  • Reliability - All of our services are backed by a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. 
  • Professionalism - We hold our service technicians to the highest standards in the industry.

FAQs About Carpet Cleaning

What is the difference between professional carpet cleaning and renting a machine?

While it might seem tempting to rent a steam cleaner and clean your own carpets, we strongly advise against it. The truck-mounted carpet cleaner we use at Atlas Cleaning Service provides significantly higher suction power and deeper cleaning than any machine available to the general public. Hiring a professional team like ours also reduces the risk of damages that can occur, including shrinking or over-wetting. We routinely work with customers who have already spent their hard-earned money on renting a machine that didn’t work. Our advice is to call the professionals the first time and get the results you’re looking for!

Will my carpet shrink after cleaning?

Carpet shrinkage is rare and usually occurs due to improper cleaning techniques or poor equipment. Using professional carpet cleaning services like ours ensures that your carpet is treated correctly, minimizing the risk of shrinkage.

Are carpet cleaning solutions safe for children and pets?

At Atlas, we use eco-friendly and certified green cleaning solutions for all our carpet cleaning services. With our special non-toxic options, we’re able to offer you high-quality results while prioritizing the health of your family and home.

Can you remove coffee stains from carpets?

Our team of certified cleaning technicians can remove even the most stubborn stains from your carpets. Red wine, coffee, pet stains, and odors—we have the tools and technology to make your carpet as beautiful as it was the day you bought it.

How can I preserve the color of my carpet?

The best way to preserve the color of your carpets is to have them professionally cleaned every 6-18 months. It’s best to get your carpets cleaned before they actually appear dirty—carpets are designed to hold an impressive amount of dust, soil, and other contaminants without showing them. Two other important tips for keeping the vibrancy of your carpets are to limit sun exposure and avoid chemical cleaners.

For more information on keeping your carpets clean and beautiful, contact Atlas Cleaning Service, Inc. today!