Carpet Treatments

Effective Carpet Treatments from Expert Carpet Cleaners in Flint, MI

Carpet Treatments in Flint, MIThe Benefits of Scotchgard™ Treatment for Your Carpet are More than What Meets the Eye!

It’s often said that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and this is especially true when it comes to carpet stains. While dirt, red dye, red wine and other sources of discoloration can be removed from your rugs, it’s far easier to keep them out of the fabric in the first place. As a local carpet and upholstery cleaner, Atlas Cleaning Service, Inc. understands the importance of preventative protection.

We use Scotchgard™ treatment to fortify your fabrics, blocking contaminants, moisture and stains from ever harming them in the first place.

Protective Treatments from an Experienced Provider

Atlas Cleaning Service, Inc. has been protecting Flint, Michigan homes from carpet and upholstery damage since 1977. In these 40 years of service, we have worked on a wide variety of carpets, chairs, sofas and couches, made from countless different materials and in a variety of unique colors. We provide the same high level of protection for all of these fabrics. No matter what you use to furnish your home, we are committed to protecting it from every manner of damage.

In providing Scotchgard™ treatments, we seek to complement our broader cleaning services. When we first visit your home, we can clean every inch of the upholstery in depth, removing all traces of pollen, soil, dust and other contaminants and allergens. We then apply a protective treatment so that the material does not become contaminated again. We can also provide protection for new furniture, preventing it from ever having a problem to begin with.

Protective Services for Fabrics in Sensitive Spots

While all carpets and furniture can benefit from Scotchgard™ treatment, it is particularly valuable in certain areas of the home. Fabrics are especially vulnerable if they are located in:

  • High-Traffic Areas - Furniture and carpets located near the front door or in other areas that people frequently walk through are exposed to dirt, water, shoe stains and other contaminants on a regular basis. If you want to keep them in good condition without continuous cleanings, Scotchgard™ is your best bet.
  • Kitchens & Dining Areas - Anywhere where food is frequently prepared or served puts fabrics at a high risk of staining. This is particularly true if you serve red wine and other beverages with a stark color. No matter how careful you are, you’re likely to spill something sooner or later; protective treatments keep the occasional accident under control.
  • Bathrooms & Powder Rooms - Soaps, lotions, makeup supplies and hair dye can all stain rugs and chairs with ease; many of them will also leave a strong smell and may be hard to remove once they have been spilled. If you have chairs, couches or rugs in your bathroom, protective treatments are a necessary precaution.

For more information on proactive protection against stains, contact Atlas Cleaning Service, Inc. today!