Recommended Scotchgard Treatment in Clio MI

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For 40 years, Atlas Cleaning Service Inc. has proudly served Southeast Michigan in combatting carpet and rug stains. Our technicians are highly trained and understand the chemistry to get your stains out without ruining the surrounding area of your carpet. We ensure you that our cleaning equipment is the top of the line technology to deep clean your carpet correctly the first time.

Many allergens and contaminants collect in your furniture and the only way to rid these pesky contaminants is a professional deep cleaning! There are times when your carpet or upholstery needs more than a deep clean. When this arises we offer specialized treatments. For deep stains that take too much energy to get out, we have Scotchgard treatment that will clear away this problem. In addition to removing visible damage from your furnishing, we also offer treatments for odor from our furry friends. We have the experience to get your carpets back to how they looked when you got them!

Expert Protective Treatments for your Carpets

Benefits of Scotchgard: More then What Meets the Eye

The professionals at Atlas Cleaning Service, Inc understands how important preventative protection is for your home carpets. We offer you Scotchgard treatment to fortify your fabrics, blocking contaminants, moisture and stains from harming them. We are committed to protecting your home furnishing from every manner of damage.

Protective Services for Sensitive Spots

High-Traffic Areas

Carpets and furnishing that are by the front door or in areas of your home where people are frequently walking through are exposed to the most contaminants on a daily basis. Scotchgard is your best treatment if you want to keep them in great condition without cleaning them continuously.

Kitchens & Dining Areas

Anywhere that you have food being prepared or serviced put the fabric around you for a risk of stains. Even if you are careful, accidents happen and you will likely spill something. Protective treatments will ensure to keep the occasional spill under control.

We seek to complement our cleaning service when we provide Scotchgard treatment. We arrive at your home and clean every inch of the upholstery, removing all traces of pollen, soil, dust and other allergens. We have worked on a variety of carpets, chairs and couches made from different materials. We provide protective treatment so your furniture doesn't become contaminated again! We also can provide your new furnishing with protection so they won't ever have a problem with stains to begin with.

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#1 Pet Odor Treatment in the Clio Area

Our furry friends make the best companions and we love them dearly. However, we don't have to love the smells that come with them! It is crucial as a pet owner to keep your carpets smelling fresh with regular professional carpet cleaning! Our experts at Atlas Carpet Service, Inc. have a great selection of services that are tailored to your specific needs to families with pets that will clean deep into the fibers of your carpet. These treatments will eliminate smells and stains that typically come with animals.

Services for Pet Odor Treatment:

  • Pet Odor Removal
  • Dog and Cat Urine
  • Animal Stain Removal
  • Carpet and Upholstery

After a visit from our expert technicians at Atlas Cleaning Services, Inc., you will have your home back to the way it was before you had your family pets!

We appreciate our customer's and value what they have to say about our business. Here are some of their kind words after working with us!

We took possession of our house on a Monday and were horrified to find it a disaster! The movers were due Thursday and the carpet was filthy. I found Atlas here on Angie's List and gave Dennis a call. Even on this short notice, he was able to shuffle schedules a bit and to my amazement, he had someone out here on Tuesday. Not only were my carpets clean before the furniture was moved in, but they also had a day of drying time! Steve, our cleaner, arrived on time and got to work immediately. He was quiet, but friendly enough. He did a very thorough job. I would hire Atlas again in a heartbeat! - Mary B.

They did a great job. Carpet came out clean and smelling fresh. Set an appointment for a few days later (at my convenience), showed up promptly and were professional. Also had a competitive rate. - Amy O.

Contact Atlas Cleaning Service, Inc. for your carpet and furnishing cleaning needs. We have exceptional equipment and even better experience! We pre-inspect every job and tell you exactly what to expect when we are servicing you. If you feel like we didn't complete a job in the way you wanted to, we will do it again - 100% satisfaction guaranteed.