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Celebrating 40 Years of Keeping Carpets Clean and Looking New Again

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Locally owned and operated, Atlas Cleaning Service, Inc. is a full-service carpet and upholstery cleaning company. We serve Davison and the surrounding areas. We have mastered the art of getting your toughest stains and odors from your carpets and furnishing. We value our customers and provide them with a reliable and honest team whose passion for high quality work makes for great service! Our technicians will keep coming back to you until you are satisfied with your carpets. We take pride in a hard day's work and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our experts are trustworthy, we're the company that gets the other guys' leftover stains out!

Areas of Expertise from the Experts at Atlas Cleaning Services, Inc.

  • With years of people and family pets eating, sitting and sleeping on your furniture, a professional deep cleaning is essential. Allergens collect in your furnishing, including dust mites, pet dander, germs, hair and dead skill cells. The best way to rid of these peaky contaminants is a deep cleaning! Atlas Cleaning Services, Inc. is the perfect company for this job.

  • Our expert technicians are trained in the art of combatting carpet stains. Understanding the chemistry of which products will get your stains out effectively without discoloration of the surrounding carpet is their speciality. We use top knotch cleaning equipment to ensure that you have the cleanest carpets deep cleaned the first time!

  • There are times when your carpet or upholstery need more care than just a professional cleaning. When this occurs, we offer specialized treatments! Our Scotchgard treatments are great for high-traffic areas and for those deep stains that are taking too much energy to get out. We also offer odor treatments that remove any pet or other smells that have set into your home furnishings. Our team has extensive experience and know exactly how to handle your carpets to get them back to the way they were looking when you purchased them.

At Atlas Cleaning Services, Inc. We are the Most Effective Carpet Cleaners in Davison MI

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We are open seven days a week for all of your carpet and upholstery needs! The experts at Atlas Cleaning Service, Inc. understand that there are some stains that quickly need attention, and we are prepared to take care of them for you in quick notice. With over 40 years of experience in getting stubborn stains out of your furnishing, we are the leading Carpet Cleaners in Southeast Michigan. Our high quality workmanship, products and technology are the best of the best; everyone else's is incomparable to ours! We ensure you that our work is done correctly and at the fairest price possible, offering our customers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Atlas Cleaning Service, Inc. offer a personal touch that larger chain companies cannot come close to.

We're Highly Respected Carpet Cleaners and Value Our Customers

Take a look at what some of our customers had to say about our services. Consider Atlas Cleaning Serivce, Inc. for all of your future carpet and upholstery cleaning needs.

We took possession of our house on a Monday and were horrified to find it a disaster! The movers were due Thursday and the carpet was filthy. I found Atlas here on Angie's List and gave Dennis a call. Even on this short notice, he was able to shuffle schedules a bit and to my amazement, he had someone out here on Tuesday. Not only were my carpets clean before the furniture was moved in, but they also had a day of drying time! Steve, our cleaner, arrived on time and got to work immediately. He was quiet, but friendly enough. He did a very thorough job. I would hire Atlas again in a heartbeat! - Mary B.

We had pop stains, ink from printer stain and a stain by the walk out sliding door and Atlas was able to remove them all and make the basement entertaining ready again!! - Mark F.

Being Davison's go-to carpet and upholstery company for years, you can trust us with cleaning your stained home furnishing. Give us a call today for a free phone estimate, we're here to help you!